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14, 16, 21 y 23 de abril de 2021
Curso Online

It's my business

Working from home
Fecha 14/04/2021 - 23/04/2021
Duración De 11:00h a 13:00h
It's my business. Improve your English
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Do you need English at work? Our “it´s my business course” will give you a taste of the many of the different ways English is used in everyday life: for telephone conversations, presentations, negotiating and recruitment and, specially today, working from home.


This method for General English provides dynamic lessons with a strong focus on speaking and understanding, increasing fluency and vocabulary as well as pronunciation and grammar.


We want to make English more accessible and more applicable to businesses and by using our method you will be able to do so.

Our main tools are useful vocabulary and grammar which are not only functional but also practical.

These tools allow us to achieve our primary goal: getting you to think in English so that you are able to speak fluently and confidently! And the first step is: to listen and then to speak.



11:00 h. - 11:30 h.
Starting the meeting
11:30 h. - 12:00 h.
Setting ground rules
12:00 h. - 12:30 h.
Dealing with problems
12:30 h. - 13:00 h.
Setting objectives


11:00 h. - 12:00 h.
Referring to documents
12:00 h. - 13:00 h.
Sharing opinions


11:00 h. - 11:40 h.
Managing speakers
11:40 h. - 12:20 h.
Managing time
12:20 h. - 13:00 h.
Closing the meeting


11:00 h. - 12:00 h.
12:00 h. - 13:00 h.
Internal communication



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