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29 de abril de 2021
Tertulia Exclusiva:

Describing and Solving Problems in English

Ubicación Formación no presencial
Fecha 29/04/2021
Duración 09:30h-11:30h
Tertulia Exclusiva: Describing and Solving Problems in English

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“A problem shared is a problem halved” – (Modern English saying from 1931)

Problems exist – and they don’t go away by themselves– nobody is free of problems, no family, no country, no business, no project…They are part and parcel of human existence.
There are hundreds of different types of problems – and just as many ways to describe solutions.
Generally speaking, we need to communciate our problems – to our team, partners, clients, suppliers, superioirs etc….. So that they can understand/act accordingly, or so that we can find solutions together (Remember “Two head think better than one”)

Since March 2020, we have all been dealing with all kinds of new problems, both professional and personal problems that have overlapped, and we have all had to find new solutions, or are still looking for them or have had to try to understand other people’s problems and solutions.

This new workshop in our exclusive “Building Better Business Skills in English “ series is designed to:
a) Present language for describing different types of problems
b) Present language for describing different solutions
c) Practise discussing problems, with your team, your superiors, clients, suppliers etc…. describing their origins, and suggesting solutions and possible outcomes

See you there!




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