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14 de septiembre de 2020
Encuentro Digital

Meaning: The Next Trend in Personal and Organizational Transformation

*El encuentro será íntegramente en inglés
Ubicación APD Catalunya (Formación no presencial)
Barcelona, 08006
Fecha 14 septiembre 2020
Duración De 16:00h a 17:00h
Meaning: The Next Trend in Personal and Organizational Transformation


About the event

The event will focus on introducing and applying the core principles described in the award-winning, international bestselling book Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl's Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work (Spanish edition: Prisioneros de nuestros pensamientos).

You will be interested in attending this presentation if you wish to learn more about:

• The Meaning Crisis
• Viktor Frankl’s unique approach/sample of his meaning-focused principles
• The new study and practice of MEANINGology
• Applying MEANINGology to create innovation-centric, humanistic workplaces

Target Audience:

This session is designed for the managerial and director levels.

Alex Pattakos, PhD, Founder, Global Meaning Institute:

Alex’s background includes being a full-time professor of public and business administration, including graduate program head. He also has served as an advisor to governments to affect innovative policy change, including service to the White House under three U.S. presidents and to the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He is the author of 2 international best-selling, award-winning books on the human quest for meaning, including one written at the personal urging of the world-renowned psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl. He is currently writing a new book, entitled Public Administration and the Search for Meaning: Rediscovering the Soul of Government, that will be published by Routledge, one of the world’s leading academic book publishers. Dr. Pattakos was awarded the title of Honorary Professor by the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis in Russia, for his contributions to the development of Viktor Frankl’s System of Logotherapy & Existential Analysis and for advancing the search for meaning in life, work, and society.

Elaine Dundon,, MBA, Founder, Global Meaning Institute:

Elaine has held senior leadership positions in three Fortune 500 companies responsible for crafting strategic direction, leading diverse teams, integrating divisions, and delivering results. She also developed the groundbreaking course on Innovation Management at the University of Toronto. This course was the first of its kind in North America to introduce how to develop and assess organization-wide innovation cultures, as well as develop the creative, strategic, and transformational skills needed for innovation. Her recent work synthesizes years of experience and research on the topics of creativity, innovation, existential philosophy, workplace culture, and personal transformation. Her unique approach to Meaning, with a specific focus on Meaning at Work, Meaning Centric Leadership, and Meaning Centric Innovation, has been embraced by many leading global organizations and profiled in media around the world. She is the author of 3 international bestselling, award-winning books on Meaning and Innovation available globally in 20+ languages. She is currently writing a new book, «The MEANINGology Mindset: Innovating Yourself, Your Life, and Your Work,» and is a subject matter expert on Meaning for Psychology Today.

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